Intel Core i7 12700K Vs. Intel i9 12900K Comparison

Intel Core i7 12700K Vs. Intel i9 12900K

Two great additions to the Intel 12th gen Alder Lake family, two powerful processors, two CPUs packed with features that will elevate your performance, gaming experience, and productivity – so which one is best for your purposes? Features, architectures, and applications are the core deciding factors for which CPU is right for you. These two … Read more

How to Improve Battery Life of Your iPhone

Improve Battery Life of Your iPhone

An iPhone may be a fun device to toy around with, but it doesn’t have a long lasting battery life if compared to rival handsets, such as: Motorola Droid X. here is a small guide to let you crunch in some extra hours in that iPhone battery. When the iOS4 was released, we already had … Read more

Top 7 Best iPhone Apps in 2022

Best iPhone App

The Apple app store was launched in 2008.  Since the app store was launched, many new apps have been developed. Up to date, there are more than 60,000 apps for the iPhone. Most of the apps do not offer useful functions. Many apps just produce similar functions or simply function as a gimmick. If you’re … Read more

Apple iPhone 4G Rumored Screenshots Yet Again

Even before the official launch of Apple iPhone 4G, Photoshop designers have started creating their own designs modeled on iPhone 4G. The latest design actually comes from an Italian iPhone Fan. But the design seems to be very deeply analyzed and researched before publishing it online. One wonders if Apple would release its Original Official version of iPhone … Read more

Opera Mini 5 Beta App Released For Windows Mobile Phones

Opera has been in the news recently with the release of its fresh updated versions of its softwares, including the major release of Opera 10.5 Web Browser for Windows Platform. Now today, Opera has announced that it has released Beta Versions of Apps for Windows Mobile Phones. Yes, Opera Mini 5 Beta has been released … Read more

Potential Basis for the Creation of an HIV Vaccine Are Discovered

Years after years of disappointment, scientists and medical researchers have finally discovered a potential basis for the creation of an HIV Vaccine. The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases says that three antibodies have been discovered and they are known to neutralize 90% of HIV viral strains. Doctor Peter Kwong, who is also the … Read more

Verizon iPhone is more wanted than iPhone 4G

A latest poll made by Phones Review revealed that more than 70% of the voters wanted a CDMA version of iPhone that would make it possible for Verizon users to use the iPhone on the network. Apple didn’t make the iPhone available for CDMA users due to its low usage amongst other countries aside the … Read more

iPhone 4G May Be Delayed as Superchip Not Ready

The much anticipated iPhone 4G may be delayed as the superchip for the product may not be ready within the year. There have been speculations amongst enthusiasts that should Apple choose the superchip known as BCS5000 manufactured by Beceem, the iPhone 4G will only be available within the second or third quarter of 2011. The superchip is said to … Read more

Film Streaming – Now Available on iPhone

The world renowned Netflix is now out for another milestone. This time their hands are being tested on a new platform i.e. Apple iPhone. The online company conducted a survey for their subscribers to tell them exactly how much zeal there is among the mass for such a step. The overwhelming response from the subscribers has … Read more