Verizon iPhone: Release Date May Be Summer

Verizon iPhone

Verizon iPhone? Somewhere in mid-July iPhone will be releasing its next-generation multipurpose mobile, called iPhone 4G, to Apple lovers around the world.

A debate on the possible improvement that apple will be making has already been started. Verizon Communications, as a new carrier, is one of the iPhones and is the center of apple lover’s debate.

Verizon iPhone, with its CDMA service, may make CDMA users around the world very happy. Apple will have its contract finished with AT & T this year, which may be a relief to most iPhone users for the pitiful service from AT&T.

The main reason behind the talkback on Verizon iPhone Release date.

Among all other hardware improvements, Apple will be introducing 4G service in their iPhone to give users the best experience, resulting technical changes in the specifications according to that.

For video calling, one 1.3 MP camera on the Front is likely to be placed. Another 5MP camera on the rear, with the ability to shoot HD clarity Video, is predicted to be seen for using it as iPhone HD.

There may be several feature upgrades, like Apple may be testing 64 GB Flash NAND Memory Module which was invented by Toshiba and fastest mobile memory architecture till date. Other few improvements which apple fans are strongly suggesting to be implemented in the upcoming Verizon iPhone or iPhone 4G are the following:

  • LED Flash
  • OLED Display
  • Build it RFID
  • Touch Sensitive Case
  • Unibody Metal case
  • Removable Battery
  • Front camera for iChat
  • Advanced GPS Navigation System, True GPS
  • 3.5 mm Headphone Jack
  • Built in HD Video Recording & Editing Application
  • Face recognition system

Apart from Hardwire improvements, apple will be bringing Enhanced Sense UI for easier navigation, bring contact into home screen and other smaller updates. Apple will be using better processor like Dual Core and faster ram for feature rich application and multitasking capability. The features which were lacking in previous generations of iPhone like cut-copy-paste feature or like mms facility will likely to be added in this next generation of iPhone. The Sense UI of Apple which is some leaps ahead that other mobile phones of this category possibly be getting more sophisticated details, like Voice Command, video recording and editing etc features. The flexibility of Bluetooth in iPhone 3G has something disturbing, encouraging the possibility of new updated features like separate Bluetooth profile, wireless music streaming via A2DP, Bluetooth tethering etc to be added in the upcoming iPhone 4G.

While Apple is not making any official announcements about Verizon iPhone release date, they may be field testing some of the missing features in iPhone 3G which are going to be added in the iPhone 4G like

  • Video calling
  • Bluetooth 3.0 with AD2P
  • Implementation of Bluetooth File Transfer protocol
  • Support of Popular JAVA Libraries
  • Use of iPhone as Storage device via USB
  • FM Radio
  • Ringtone Creation & Synchronization
  • Multi core processing technology

Along with apple, everybody wishes their next iPhone to be omnipurpose gadget, which can do everything a phone can do now a day. Apple lovers will be waiting around the globe for what will be adding in it and what not, till there is any official announcement on the price, feature or release date of the most awaited phone of the year.

When apple first released their iPhone there was a huge hype for that phone, and while nobody is predicting anything like that will happen again, apple lovers around the world have already started making websites, blogs, and fan pages for the next release. Steve Jobs is like a magician in the world of technology, making excellent innovative ideas in their gadgets, increasing expectation from users for any next release from Apple. iPad will be releasing in the upcoming April, along with predicted announcement of iPhone 4G.

So while all the Apple fans are eagerly waiting for it, we discussed what Apple may bring into their next generation iPhone, some important features they were missing last time and some excellent improvements they can implement in iPhone 4G to abolish the possibility of any negative review from their fan or competitors.

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