Verizon iPhone is more wanted than iPhone 4G


A latest poll made by Phones Review revealed that more than 70% of the voters wanted a CDMA version of iPhone that would make it possible for Verizon users to use the iPhone on the network. Apple didn’t make the iPhone available for CDMA users due to its low usage amongst other countries aside the United States. Most mobile service providers stick on GSM networks instead of CDMA.

However, with the recent improvement in Verizon’s network, customers want to utilize them instead of AT&T. AT&T has an exclusivity contract with Apple making it the sole provider of iPhone in the United States. AT&T network is highly debatable in high density cities such as the New York as customers are complaining of unstable connection as well as slow browsing speed.

Around 20% or around 200 people have voted that they wanted the iPhone 4G instead of a Verizon iPhones. Both of these options will certainly profit Apple as well as the providers greatly due to the large demand of the iPhone.

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