Potential Basis for the Creation of an HIV Vaccine Are Discovered

Potential Basis for the Creation of an HIV Vaccine Are Discovered

Years after years of disappointment, scientists and medical researchers have finally discovered a potential basis for the creation of an HIV Vaccine. The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases says that three antibodies have been discovered and they are known to neutralize 90% of HIV viral strains.

Doctor Peter Kwong, who is also the Chief of Structural Biology for NIAID, said that the newly discovered antibodies are going to be effective against the HIV virus. These antibodies will add to the vaccination process and we have chances of de activating HIV once and for all…

Some studies reveal that previous antibodies were also promising but their core structure made it difficult for scientists to create a perfect HIV vaccine. Kwong said that the arrival of three new antibodies will help us in precise identification of the HIV virus.

HIV Aids is widely known for its severe infectious potential. The disease holds more than 2 million deaths to its credit and it is still making rapid progress in third world countries. The new findings will probably lead the researchers in the right direction, so that the human race can get rid of AIDS once and for all.

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