iPhone 4G May Be Delayed as Superchip Not Ready


The much anticipated iPhone 4G may be delayed as the superchip for the product may not be ready within the year. There have been speculations amongst enthusiasts that should Apple choose the superchip known as BCS5000 manufactured by Beceem, the iPhone 4G will only be available within the second or third quarter of 2011.

The superchip is said to have speed comparable with 4G, LTE as well as WiMAX. Previously, there have been a lot of rumors saying that Apple will use the new superchip by Beceem for the new iPhone 4G.

Apple has yet to update its massive consumer base about its new product and all there is right now are rumors and speculations made by enthusiasts and unknown sources. Apple may or may not use the superchip for its new version of iPhone and if they choose to use it, expect the product to be launched somewhere next year.

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