How to Improve Battery Life of Your iPhone

Improve Battery Life of Your iPhone

An iPhone may be a fun device to toy around with, but it doesn’t have a long-lasting battery life if compared to rival handsets, such as Motorola Droid X.

Here is a small guide to let you crunch in some extra hours in that iPhone battery.

When iOS4 was released, we already had an idea about the increased amount of multitasking-based applications and activities. However, it was feared that an increase in background applications will drain battery life quickly. And believe me, while you are trying to browse the internet in the middle of a phone call, it takes a toll on your iPhone’s battery.

5 Tips To Improve Battery Life of Your iPhone

1. Turn off push notifications:

You can turn off those posh notifications such as; “Today’ Highlights” or third party lock screen updaters.

2. Turn off push e-mail:

Leaving your iPhone email application to manual mode is not such a big fuss, you can always tap the Email icon and it will automatically redirect you to default inboxes. Otherwise, if you want to drain your iPhone’s battery, then go ahead with the automatic mode.

3. Turn off whatever radios you’re not using:

Location based GPS oriented services cling on to your device like a leech. It’d be a good idea to exit all those open radio stations and unwanted apps that you are not using frequently.

4. Kill background tasks:

In fact, it is not necessary to do this, but still as the iPhone is enabled with multitasking, there are apps that are able to eat up battery. For example Skype, it uses quite enough battery when you are waiting calls.

5. Watch the force feedback:

There are games that use the vibrate feature in order to simulate force feedback. As a result, it can lead to a battery drain.

As you see there are a lot of ways due to which one can improve the battery life of your iPhone. Implement all the fixes and if you really miss several features you can bring them back.

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