Top 5 Best iPhone Apps in 2021

The Apple app store was launched in 2008.  Since the app store was launched, many new apps were developed. Up to date, there are more than 60,000 apps for the iPhone. Most of the apps do not offer useful functions. There are a huge number of apps that just produce the similar functions or simply function as a gimmick. Below is a list of the best iPhone apps in 2010.

Textfree Unlimited allows you to send free SMS messages through the Push Notifications. The Textfree Unlimited is a great alternative for people that are unable to afford the SMS plan.

Bento is an app that allows you to create databases to store information. Bento is developed by Filemaker Inc and is the best data base app so far. Bento allows you to create your own libraries. There are 25 templates to choose from including diet log, home inventory and recipes. Bento app is powerful because it has the ability to store thousands of entries without having loading problem. Bento can be synchronized with the Macbook through a wireless network.

Birthday Reminder is an iPhone app that reminds you of the birthday of your friends. Once the app is launched, it will show you the birthdays of the contacts. The birthday reminder app can be synchronized with your Facebook account. In the address book, you can add a photo of your friend. The app will inform you how many remaining months there is until the next birthday of the contact.

Flight Tracker Pro, allows you to track the current position of the airplane. To find an aircraft, you have to enter the FAA flight ID. After you have entered the flight ID number, the tracking map will appear and show the current position of the aircraft. You can scroll the map and zoom in to see a clearer view of the plane.

Besides the above apps, there are many other cool apps that provide useful functions for users such as TweetDeck, Print and Share, Simplify Music 2, and QuickOffice.

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