Tablet Wars: It’s an Apple vs. Blackberry Thing These Days

Tablet Wars

Yeah, its true that every other wishy-washy company is releasing a tablet of their own. But, none of them are exactly worth your dime. ZTE is not releasing 1, but 6 tablets that no one is going to care about except for the Chinese people.

Anyway, we take a look at some of the bigger fish in the market. It is the iPad and the Playbook that was launched by RIM recently. That’s not half of what I was about to type down. The rest of the news is that RIM is making claims of having superiority over Apple.

The company said so after they heard Steve Jobs snapping against the Blackberry future. Steve reportedly said that the Blackberry or none of its 7 inch tablety tabs have any long term survival chances.

RIM’s Co CEO got a little pi**ed off and said midst clenched teeth, “We think that the world has grown tired of what Apple has been feeding them with. Apple has a distortion field and we like to live outside that box”, the Co CEO continued, “7 inch tablets have a solid future and everyone knows it.”

However, there is probably more to this story because Steve isn’t the type of guy who’d start yapping crap-talk against any company without any reason.

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