Apple iPhone 4G Rumored Screenshots Yet Again


Even before the official launch of Apple iPhone 4G, Photoshop designers have started creating their own designs modeled on iPhone 4G. The latest design actually comes from an Italian iPhone Fan. But the design seems to be very deeply analyzed and researched before publishing it online. One wonders if Apple would release its Original Official version of iPhone 4 exactly as the designs made.X iPhone 4 X iphone 4G X Apple iPhone  X iphone OS 4  X Apple Tablet X Apple iPhone 3GS X Apple iPhone Apps X Google Android and Apple iPhone X verizon iphone X verizon iphone 4g  X iphone 4g delay X iphone 4g release date X iphone 4g price X iphone 4g features  X wanted iphone 4g features X iphone 4 details X iphone 4 features  X ipone 4 release date X iphone 4 price X Apple iPhone $ Price X iPhone 4 Pros and cons X

Apple-iPhone-4G Screenshot

Obviously, these designs come with Multiple Color versions with two different space offerings. 32 GB and 64 GB are the two different space offers. There is also a Micro-SD card included with it. Another feature design is that it includes a front faced video calling camera. And if rumors are to be believed then there would be a 5 Mega Pixel Camera at the rear with possible HD Video recording.

The Camera on the Rear may have inbuilt LED Flash for profession photography, along with the 5MP HD clarity lenses.  There may be a flashing and glowing “Apple” Logo on the back, which may glow at times for incoming call or in the vibration on any music or ringtone. On the bottom face of the iPhone 4G there will be two speakers for 3D surround sound, according to the imagination of the artist.

The iPhone 4G will be in 5 different colors:

  • Black
  • White
  • Green
  • Light Blue / Sky
  • Red / Dark Red

On the Front face of iPhone 4G there will be multi touch screen, mouthpiece, speaker for hearing & the font camera of 2 Mega Pixel for Video calling, the feature which was absent in previous versions of iPhone, including iPhone 3GS. The size of the screen may be a little bigger, denser resolution and contained more quality.

The design of this iPhone 4G is based on expected changes and improvements Apple will be introducing in their next generation iPhone, which are expected to launch in the middle of this year. Although there is no official announcement from Apple regarding launch, technical details, pricing or design, iPhone lovers all around the world started countdown and prediction. This design is the result of such calculated prediction of feature improvements apple can bring to make the iPhone 4G more popular any easy to use.

Apple will not be changing the base concept of their iPhone design, which is pretty neat and cool, they can only make it batter and introduce a front video camera for making this device capable of taking advantage of the 4G service for full satisfaction, including the front video camera.

We will see if Apple launches the similar design described or they do any huge change in it, and will update you as we get news.

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