4G Technology to Help in Healthcare Transformation

During the Healthcare Information and Management System Society or HIMSS annual conference held in Atlanta, the CEO of Sprint Nextel, Dan Hesse mentioned that the 4G technology will play an important part in helping to transform healthcare to a greater height.

The wireless technology allows people to get quick access to medical information as well as in-house treatment that can be used to save lives even though a medical officer may not be around. The wireless technology is said to improve the efficiency of medical facilities and with the help of the latest 4G technology, hospitals will be able to deliver information to patients all over the world.

Handheld devices connected to the Internet or to the hospital’s network system will also be able to receive laboratory results as soon as they are out instead of having to go to the hospital and take them. This will not only speed up the process but would also increase the efficiency in the medical facilities. It also enables them to attend to other important matters at hand instead of giving out reports to their patients.

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